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Since its foundation in 2015, Atelier COSTÀ has been deeply committed to the intersection of authentic craftsmanship and sustainable fashion. With deep respect for tradition and an eye on modernity, each pair of our shoes are the result of meticulous work by expert craftswomen, who infuse comfort, style, and unparalleled quality into every stitch. Our commitment to the environment is manifested in the priority use of natural and recycled fabrics, positioning us ahead of current trends towards sustainability, long before these became mainstream.

At Atelier COSTÀ, slow fashion is more than a philosophy; it's a daily practice that ensures each product not only symbolizes luxury but is also a testament to durability and sustainable practices. We celebrate individuality, functionality, and timeless beauty, inviting each customer to experience the difference that only true handcrafted art can offer.

Our close relationship with the local community and our commitment to local suppliers, by keeping our supply chain and production within a 100 km radius, not only strengthens our local economy but also our ability to offer genuinely sustainable products.


This year, we have elevated our offering by allowing complete customization of footwear, giving our customers the unique opportunity to design their own pair, reflecting their individuality and unique style. At Atelier COSTÀ, we believe in the uniqueness of customization, the ethics of sustainability, and the value of local, merging all of this into a unique shopping experience that celebrates exclusivity and craftsmanship at every step.

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