Shipping & Returns

We ship worldwide 

Shipping Returns & Exchange Policy


The first thing you should know is that we don't want you to overpay your shoes.

The brands that sell online usually include and add to the price of each pair the cost of transport of returns and exchanges.

WE CONSIDER THAT IS NOT FAIR that you have this extra cost.

We do not apply this cost to the purchase price, because we want you to buy at a fair price. Why charge in advance, an extra cost, just in case you have to return the shoes? And if you don't have to return them? Then you will have paid a higher price for nothing.Most of the time you will not have to return your shoes. So this means a great saving on your purchases.

We also have at your disposal a very effective customer service

They know all the models and can advise you to choose your model and size….Use it before buying and after your purchase. We can always make a change before shipment

We also know that too long a text is not read by anyone

Then in summary-

- You pay your shoes at the right price

-Only if you have to return will you have an extra transport cost -We apply a minimum return and resend cost.

-No refund is made -Just replacement of the pair -

-The pairs must be unused in perfect condition and in their original box.

-Save the box in which your shoes arrived, to use it again for the return. We need the same dimensions and weight. If you don't have the box you will have to measure and send us the dimensions

-We will send you by mail an etiquette for shipment , that you will have to print and stick over your box.

-We will send you the return instructions

It can be two. Depending on the country or a delivery man will pass to pick up the package or you will have to leave it at a post office.

-You will receive a link to PayPal for the payment of your return label.

Any questions contact us